GPS Tracker for Kids

Use Our GPS tracker for kids to help your small child to remain protected and safe

Our pocket-sized Micro Tracker helps protect your child whenever they are, or could inadvertently be, out of your control. Whether it’s walking to or from school, outdoor play, bike riding, at an amusement park or just over at a friend’s house, this device will help you protect your child.  The GPS Tracker for kids is small enough to fit in a backpack, a purse or clip on their belt, it allows you, their parent, to know where they are any time.  It even has a Panic Button that your child can press that automatically sends the parent a message via text if the child thinks they are in danger.

You’ll receive a message immediately via Email or Text when your child has exited a SAFE ZONE (Perimeter) or entered an Off Limits Zone that you have simply established on our Web Tracking Portal. You define the geographical boundaries or virtual perimeters (Safe Zones) around your neighborhood, your child’s school or any area you choose.  

The GPS Tracker for kids monthly service fee is $24.95 and an activation fee of $30. No Contract required.


GPS tracker for kids