Infidelity Investigations

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Infidelity Investigations

When you say "I do" you expect it to be forever; but what do you do when you have that uneasy feeling that your partner isn't being entirely honest with you.  When faced with the possibility of infidelity in your marriage the results can be devastating for a family.  Usually if you have that suspicion, most times you are right but it is important to obtain confirmation before making a drastic decision.  There are several signs of infidelity, however none provide enough solid evidence that you are able to make a hard conclusion.  Some common signs you may notice is changes in your partner's appearance, behavior, activities, or nervous tendencies. We at Spy Spot Investigations can help uncover the truth. 

Our team of highly qualified investigators will work with you to provide peace of mind. It is not enough to only have a suspicion of infidelity, but sometimes documentation is necessary. This is especially necessary if it involves a legal situation.  Our expert investigators will provide a fully detailed report as well as any video and photography evidence to aid in presentation of the facts.  This evidence will be especially useful if you are working with an attorney.

Every case is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.  We understand that each person is different so it is important to schedule a consultation to discuss the entire process.  Our investigators have over 15 years of experience handling these sensitive types of cases and we understand how heart wrenching betrayal can be.  You can rest easy knowing that your case is in the right hands and we want to help you obtain the closure that you seek. 

Depending on the circumstances of the case, our investigators are able to perform video surveillance as well as obtain photographic evidence.  Our investigators are also able to obtain phone records as well as other contact information.

infidelity investigations


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