issing Persons Investigations

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Missing Persons Investigations

If you are looking for a birth parent, a deadbeat dad, a family member or even a long lost friend; Spy Spot Investigations can help you.  It can take a long time for law enforcement to consider someone missing as part of a missing persons case, so our investigators will actively begin searching.  We can also help families reconnect with long lost loved ones.  Our investigators can even readdress missing person cases that have been closed by law enforcement.  We have an experienced team of Private Investigators who are well versed in a process that requires long hours, extensive travel, and creative ways of gathering information for a missing persons investigation. 

Locating a missing person can be a long and extensive process, but our investigators have all the tools and skills necessary to help simplify the process.  Our team of investigators also have access to databases that aren't available to the public.  These databases are crucial in using searches to help pinpoint the location of missing persons.  The searches can be used to narrow down the location of a missing person to a particular state or even a small city.

Some other ways are investigators are able to locate missing persons is using numerous vehicles through land, air, and sea.  Our investigators also have large networks with other private investigators and informants which can help aid in a search.  Surveillance as well as video recording is another method that can be used to observe and track suspects in a missing persons case.  Just observing key witnesses and recording their behavior can help narrow down the location of a missing person.  Each investigator has diverse skills in running background checks, questioning witnesses, as well as other techniques. 

 We can promise you data driven, social media and field investigation advocacy.  No matter what the circumstances, the Private Investigator will exhaust all resources in order to find who you are looking for.  Social media is becoming an increasingly popular method to locate missing persons and our investigators always stay updated with the latest technology.  

missing persons investigations

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