Video Surveillance

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Video Surveillance

There are several reasons to obtain video surveillance but the most important aspect to keep in mind is the quality of the video. At Spy Spot Investigations, we have the newest state of the art video surveillance equipment on the market. Our video surveillance products include cameras disguised as key fobs, pens, binoculars, and wearable cameras such as a watch video camera. Since Spy Spot Investigations specializes in spy equipment as well as private investigations, we are able to take advantage of the most covert equipment to avoid detection. The biggest fear of a private investigator is "being made" by the suspect, but with Spy Spot's endless amount of equipment and highly trained investigators, we are able to achieve a high success rate.

Do you need video evidence for court, are you monitoring a cheating spouse, is your child sneaking out after curfew? Whatever the reason, Spy Sot Investigations has a solution to fit your needs and your wallet. If you need video evidence for court, it is important to have the highest quality video. Our investigators use full HD video cameras with 1080P resolution in order to provide detailed video. We also use a date and time stamp so the client knows the exact time that everything was recorded, which is also compiled in the report.

Video surveillance is a key tool in investigations and most companies use grainy video with poor detail. Spy Spot eliminates this issue by providing high definition clarity while still being able to use covert cameras. The benefit of using a spy store for a Private Investigation is that we are always updating our equipment, which provides for reliable video. Each investigator is highly trained in using this equipment through field training. We have a team of experienced Private Investigators to assist you with all of your video needs.

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